The CsharpGears Framework

I introduce you my development framework: CsharpGears. It is written in C# and its purpose is to speed up the development process, especially in the fundamental levels. It is meant to make developer's life easier when it comes to writing code such as accessing databases and mapping SQL tables into business objects ( C# classes ), or also for easy work with images, or other types of services, such as loggers or quickly writing code for RSS publishes, or maybe that tedious code for sending emails...
I personally find it very time-saving, and I hope that someone else out there will find it useful. To summarize, the CsharpGears Framework currently consists of six sublibraries:
  1. Database access
  2. Logger activities
  3. E-mail sending
  4. Working with images
  5. RSS builder
  6. URL rewriting policies
Each component will be covered in details in the following posts. Examples of its usage will also be included. Remember that you are able to download the class libraries for free.

 Installation of the CsharpGears Framework
All you need to do in order to utilize the benefits of my framework is to : (1)download it from the downloads section, (2) add it as reference to any .NET project you would like to use it in.

 End Note
I would also emphasize once again that I would be very happy first if someone else decides to use my framework, but I would be even happier if you provide me with your feedback.


eashwar v said...

I'm interest to use yr library but with out source code won't use this library. because if i get a any changes how can i do the changes.

SeeSharpWriter said...

Thank you for your interest about my framework! I have added the full version of the framework available for downloading Download with source code. Please tell me what do you think of the framework and what section should I explain next and tell me if you need any help.
Thank you once again, this means a lot to me

Yulyantoro Eko said...

Is there another download link since your given link was expired...

Thanking you in advance for your kindness to share because i interest to know your framework further

SparK Cruz said...

Nice fw!
mine is very very similar (contains that tedius code to send emails and database access, etc...)
but is meant for PHP5

look me up on github =D

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